The communities of Suruacá and Maguary are located on opposite shores of the Tapajós River, both about six hours by boat from the nearest city of Santarém, in the Brazilian state of Pará. During the rainy season the Tapajós is nearly 35 km wide at this point. Unlike the Amazon River, which it joins near Santarém, the Tapajós is quite clear of debris because it originates in the more geologically stable highlands toward the south. Like throughout most of the Amazon basin, the river is the communities' lifeblood and main highway.

Maguary is located on the eastern shore of the Tapajós River between the communities of São Domingo and Jamaraqua, and within the borders of the Flona do Tapajós (Tapajós National Forest).

In addition to a commercial boat service (which runs twice weekly), the community is also served during the dry season by one bus daily (4 hours). Due to road access, Maguary is more integrated with urban life than Suruacá.

brazil-projects-tapajos_webSuruacá is located on the west side of the Tapajós River, about 3-5 km from the smaller communities of Capixuã and Bella Vista. The only regular means of transportation is the twice-weekly boat service (6 hours) between the communities on the west shore with Santarém.

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