In order to empower individuals and rural communities around the world to become more self-reliant, CEN employs a variety of core capabilities. The development process can be better advanced by focusing on certain core areas of competency, and assembling and managing partnerships with other organizations. These organizations we partner with have demonstrated the ability to execute best practice solutions through specific geographic, technical or disciplinary specializations.

Build Sustainable Livelihoods

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In the regions where we work, many individuals are small stakeholders who earn little income for the amount of work they perform. We seek to help these small stakeholders to build sustainable livelihoods, such as producing agricultural products with higher value than traditional crops, value-added agriculture, services, and handicrafts. To accomplish this, CEN provides awareness of potential opportunities, builds key soft skills and mindsets, provides effective services to develop skills, and addresses systemic obstacles.

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Soft Skills

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The key to a strong foundation for self-reliance within individuals and communities is strengthening basic skills and shaping new mindsets. We empower individuals and communities through our PRATICAR mentoring process that builds important soft skills such as problem-solving, discipline and critical thinking. This process fosters self-confidence and self-sufficiency, traits that lead to sustainable community development and sustainable livelihoods.

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Community-Based Tourism

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The regions where CEN works offer tremendous natural beauty. The communities are rich with local knowledge and a strong appreciation of natural and cultural heritage. Tourism offers economic opportunity, generating a continuous flow of investment and visitors – contributing to overall regional development. When practiced carefully, responsible tourism can also help the communities preserve their culture and environment. With community-based tourism, residents of the local community are significantly involved in developing and executing tourism plans.

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Grassroots Community Development

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We use a grassroots community development approach to develop basic skills and create mindsets that lead to success. To ensure that the visions and aspirations of the communities are incorporated into the development process, we mobilize communities and ensure that local community members are the key players in the process. We also build the communities’ capacity to develop from the bottom up. Through this process, the communities strengthen their capacity to help themselves and develop the ability to break the cycle of poverty.

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