Bringing affordable, reliable and environmentally friendly energy to communities in the Brazilian Amazon

Micro Hydro Electricity

CEN believes an important aspect of empowerment involves freeing people from the external, systemic obstacles that prevent them from accomplishing their goals and overcoming poverty. One such obstacle that people face in the Brazilian Amazon is the lack of access to affordable, reliable electricity. Unfortunately, communities throughout this region face impediments to the improvement of their health, livelihoods, and quality of life because of this lack of electricity. Electricity is not only important to increasing their standard of living, but it is also vital to helping to strengthen the skills and resources they need to achieve economic and social development in their communities.

brazil-projects-tapajos webCEN is working to reduce this systemic obstacle with its project to build a micro-hydrokinetic electric generator along the Tapajós River in the Amazon. Micro-hydrokinetic energy is a low-impact, low-cost technology used in an increasing number of waterways around the world to generate affordable electricity with a minimal environmental footprint. This project will evaluate the feasibility of building one or more clean energy micro-hydrokinetic electric generators to meet the electricity needs of a set of communities near Suruacá (Suruacá, Vista Alegre, and Capixuã) and also the nearby communities of Surucuá, Nuquini and Nova Vista. If the feasibility of the project can be shown, we will build a pilot to serve the residents of these communities. Eventually, similar locally built generators could be used to provide affordable and reliable electricity for other communities throughout the region.

This project will positively impact the health, livelihoods and quality of life for local residents in these communities. Furthermore, it will provide them with the electricity they need to break the cycle of poverty and achieve long-term, sustainable development in the Brazilian Amazon.

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