Due to isolation, rural communities often have limited access to employment, health care, education, and resources such as information and communications technology. A culture of dependency tends to arise from these circumstances.

Angela-conversing-with-change-agents-6_webThrough the cCLEAR Proof of Concept Project, CEN aimed to transform the economic opportunities of communities within the Middle Amazon by creating a culture of learning through accessing and applying information, where communities become truly empowered with the skills and attitudes to accomplish their objectives.

The objectives of the cCLEAR Proof of Concept Project were to:

  1. Test and implement the PRATICAR Learning Approach, a sustainable and cost-effective methodology that fosters a culture of learning and empowerment and provides skills which participants can successfully apply to a range of community development priorities.
  2. Ensure that the participants continue their development efforts more independently as well as become role models for future efforts to serve other communities in the region.
  3. Create a solid platform for subsequent activities in these communities aimed at creating and sustaining micro and small enterprises through which families can meet their economic needs, become effective stewards of their environment and adapt — but not abandon — their unique way of life.

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