Welcome_show_smThe Eixo Forte / Juá Community-Based Tourism Project incorporates CEN’s growing experience in strengthening basic skills and mindsets with a multifaceted approach to fostering community-based ecotourism in a group of 16 small communities near the Juá Creek and the city of Santarém, in the Brazilian Amazon. The project will improve community livelihoods without abandoning unique lifestyles and culture.

The process of cultivating a strong and sustainable tourism sector in the region requires building community leadership and institutions capable of developing and managing the implementation of a community-wide agreed-upon plan that will ensure strong, equitable economic growth, while maintaining the communities' cultural and environmental strengths that make them an attractive tourist destination in the first place.

To achieve this vision, CEN has partnered with Eunice Sena and Paulo Melo, two seasoned development professionals who live in the area and together have over 50 years of experience in community-based development, as well as experience working with community leaders and other organizations.

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