Current Projects

suruaca_womens_group_with_baskets_110x85Banco da Mulher
Evaluating a promising model for improving access to capital in the Brazilian Amazon


couro_ecologico_sewing_110x85Couro Ecológico
Strengthening product identity and a workers association's ability to fulfill orders for purses crafted from sustainably harvested, locally produced rubber

welcome_show_110x85Eixo Forte / Juá Ecotourism
Fostering community-based ecotourism and sustainable livelihoods in the Brazilian Amazon


rural-family-home-110x85Rural Family Home 
Improving a vocational school's access to clean drinking water in order to build its sustainability as an educational resource


youth_group2_110x85Suruacá Entrepreneur Group
Establishing an entrepreneur group where participants provide mutual support for each other's entrepreneurial initiatives



Suruacá School Electrification
Generating additional electricity at a community's only school so that it can provide nutritious lunches and double the number of available computers


Past Projects

  • Amazon Prototype
    Understanding the role of dependency in the region and exploring ways to overcome it
  • Brazil Telecenter
    Installing information technology and solar energy in the communities of Suruacá and Maguary
  • cCLEAR Proof of Concept
    Building confidence and developing leadership, critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Micro-Hydrokinetic Electricity Project
    Bringing affordable, reliable and environmentally friendly energy to communities in the Brazilian Amazon

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