Please consider supporting our work through a donation, sponsorship or cause-related marketing partnership with your company. In return for your generous support CEN can provide you with regular updates in a variety of formats on the progress of the projects, provide information for your employee engagement programs, as well as collaborate with you on your stakeholder engagement initiatives.

There are many reasons for your company to sponsor CEN.

  • Our relatively small size means that your support goes directly to affect our communities. Larger, more established non-profits need money on a far larger scale than CEN. The money we receive translates to real results, and the impact even a small contribution can make is tremendous.
  • We believe that information technology is an amazing, yet underused, resource to assist communities in developing nations. Our focus on utilizing IT to promote networking, skill development, and other development priorities makes CEN a unique organization.
  • Our methodology is focused on addressing the problems that our communities face and helping them learn to tackle them on their own. By imparting the skills to lead and take charge of their situations, CEN is helping to break the cycle of dependency which locks so many worldwide in poverty.
  • The communities we serve are not in the most severe levels of poverty. Most of their basic needs have been addressed, and they have a bare subsistence economy. These communities are now in a position to take advantage of developmental opportunities and create an environment of empowerment.

CEN has achieved much and grown with little resources since our creation in 2004. However, we still need the support of like-minded people, organizations, and corporations to continue our valuable work.

Businesses and corporations based in the Pacific Northwest have the opportunity to help get involved on a more personalized scale with our operations.


We offer corporations multiple sponsorship options:

Silver Sponsorship - $500 per year

Silver Sponsorship gets your organization a personal 8-person table at our annual fundraising event, acknowledging your organization’s donation, as well as a personal table captain.

Gold Sponsorship - $1,000 per year

Gold Sponsorship receives the same benefits of Silver, but with more benefits! In addition to the personal table, your organization’s name and logo will be printed in the event’s programs, and a banner bearing the same will be displayed for all at the event to see.

Platinum Sponsorship - $2,500 and above

Platinum Sponsorship is the most prestigious of our sponsorship packages. Not only will you receive the benefits of the Gold Sponsorship, but your organization will be given exclusive privileges as an elite donor. Your organization will become an official partner of CEN. This means whatever your organization does, it will be the exclusive sponsor in that field. Additionally, you will receive special recognition on our website.

Cash Donations

If your organization wishes to donate to CEN, but doesn’t want to invest in one of our sponsorship options, consider a cash donation.  Much like a donation made by an individual, your donation can be allocated to our fundraising event, a specific program, or unrestricted to the general needs of the organization. This option requires less commitment; however, is very helpful to CEN nonetheless.

In-Kind Donations

Money isn’t the only way you can help CEN. Any number of items you donate could help us in our efforts to continue our work. As part of our fundraiser, we will be holding a charity auction. Any items your organization can donate for the auction would be a great help for us, not to mention an excellent public relations opportunity. Your product could be auctioned for a good cause, giving us an opportunity to both market your organization and its products, as well as raise money for the important projects we are engaged in.

But that isn’t all!

This list is by no means extensive or exclusive. We are flexible and open to any suggestions that you may have in regards to kinds of donations or contributions. If your organization has a unique policy or different idea regarding donations or sponsorships, please let us know. We welcome any and all help and partnerships.

Please join our growing list of corporate sponsors which include:

Acumen International
Boeing Foundation
Everest Kitchen
Ernst & Young
Far West Entertainment
Microsoft Corporation
Point B Consulting
Qwest Foundation
World Bank Development Marketplace