Use the link on the left, it's easy, secure, and the prices are the same as if you visited their site directly.

1.The first time you access Amazon's "Smile" site, please select CEN by clicking on the select a charity link (wording may vary) and type in "Community Empowerment Network" in the search bar. 

2. The use Amazon Smiles link for all your purchases, including:

  • Books for pleasure or school
  • Music and CDs
  • Electronics
  • And much, much more

Over the past several years CEN has earned hundreds of extra dollars to support our work. Please remember to use this link for all your purchases!


"This program allows anyone to fundraise for CEN without the hassle. I added the link to my Facebook and encouraged everyone to help CEN without feeling like I was harassing them for money. One extra click is nothing compared to the work we do with CEN and I am thankful that offers this program so we can contribute painlessly."

"I shop via CEN's link because it is literally the easiest way to provide financial support. I have the link bookmarked and use it every time I access the site. There really is no reason not to use the link, it is just too easy."