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Due to limited direct project activity at this time, CEN is not currently accepting cash donationsThere are still many ways to support our continuing efforts to support community based tourism in the Amazon and building sustainable livelihoods through Couro Ecologico.

Purchase Couro Ecologico Purses

Couro Ecologico Purse

Couro Ecológico's products are unique with their authentic Amazonian design and they're made out of sustainably harvested materials. These bags and purses are waterproof and durable, making them perfect for the environmentally conscious, artistic, or outdoor sport lovers. All proceeds from the sales of Couro Ecológico's products go to the artisans who 

produce the bags, and to Community Empowerment Network (CEN), which enable CEN to continue to mentor Couro Ecológico artisans as they build sustainable livelihoods that preserve their proud tradition. To know more about CEN's role and about Couro Ecológico itself read more.

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