Alan MacPhee (Treasurer)


Alan has managed several financial and information technology organizations over the last 30 years, finding that a combination of high standards, mentoring and humor can bring people together to solve just about anything. Focused on the private sector, his accountability has been to executives, boards and customers for information that is delivered promptly and digested easily. Alan currently manages the financial reporting for a 121-year-old company traded on the New York Stock Exchange, attending to the demands of timeliness, insightful analyses, and controls that accompany reporting to the U.S. government, analysts and shareholders.

Alan’s work with CEN provides an opportunity to realize his support of organizations that match those in need with those able to provide the means to empower others. His work with CEN further places a personal stamp on the commitment to sustainability that all multinational companies must share in order to maintain social license. Working with CEN has also allowed him to share the gifts of education and experience given by his employers through his career.

Alan lives with his wife and works in northern Idaho. He enjoys being a Big Brothers mentor to his Little Brother of more than three years.

Alan's resume (540 KB .pdf)

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