Wholesale prices (US and Lower Mainland British Columbia, Canada)

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All prices in US Dollars FOB Brazil.10% discount offered for full payment on US and Canadian-bound orders prior to shipping products from Brazil.

Please see shipping costs below.

Backpacks, Shoulder bags and Messenger Bags

  • Price code PS $20.13-$23.00
  • Price code PM $31.64
  • Price code PL $34.51

Waterproof bags

  • Small $20.13
  • Medium $23.00
  • Large $28.76
  • Extra Large $31.64
  • 2 x Large $63.27

Other products

  • Change purse $4.60
  • Pencil case $5.75
  • Rubber animals, Small $3.45
  • Rubber animals, Medium $4.60
  • Rubber animals, Large $6.33
  • Sandals $20.13
  • Briefcase $46.02 - $77.65

Shipping and Delivery

A shipping charge will be assessed on the total weight of the order and will be quoted on the final invoice. For example, a 24 pieces order weighs approximately 10 kg and costs US $64.85 for regular shipping. Expedited shipping costs US $117.18 (as of 5 March 2017).

Orders destined for the United States and shipped by regular class take 60 days from order date. Expedited shipping will reduce delivery times by approximately 15 days.

Shipping costs and delivery to other destinations will differ, and shipping costs are subject to change without notice. The estimates given are for reference purposes only.

Terms and Conditions

All bags are custom-made as per your preference of style, color, stitching design, and strap style. Products can be customized to any color offered in the swatch. Also, please specify any special requests you have, such as the strap type, length and whether you would like it to be adjustable under "special requests" column on the order form. Many other special requests can be accommodated, as well, although this could effect the price. For any questions, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Orders will be delivered approximately 60 days from the date of order confirmation.

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  • 10% discount on order when paid in full by order shipment from Brazil.
  • Payment due within 30 days of receipt.