Here are some questions to ask yourself:

greatnonprofitsDo I complete tasks on time and do I usually regularly meet commitments I make?

We need you to take your commitments to volunteering with us seriously. Everyone else at CEN is also a volunteer and has their own work to complete. Treat volunteering much as you would a paid job; we expect volunteers to meet the commitments they make without having to be constantly reminded. That said, we all understand that things come up, and so if you don’t think you can meet a deadline, let your teammates know with as much notice as possible.

Am I a self-starter or do I prefer specific instructions for every step of a project?

Often it’s not going to be possible to give volunteers step by step instructions on how to execute a particular project, and team leads won’t have to time or resources to micro-manage each project. In many cases, you’ll be expected to do the problem-solving independently or with your teammates and develop your own methods and strategies. If you prefer detailed instructions at each step, this may not be the right setting for you.

Am I comfortable working on a virtual team, or do I want regular personal interaction with my teammates

Although most of our teams do have regular telephone conference calls, many of our volunteers, including those on your team, might be in another city and so you might not have a chance to meet them in person. You must be comfortable collaborating with people in this virtual environment. Also, successful virtual teaming requires everyone on the team to regularly update one another electronically or by phone.

Would I prefer interacting directly with beneficiaries, or will I gain enough satisfaction just knowing I’m helping a larger effort?

Although you’re always welcome to, it’s not possible for most of our volunteers to travel to the Amazon and meet and see the communities with which we work. If you feel you need to regularly physically see the impact of your work on the beneficiaries, you might gain greater satisfaction from serving with another organization which offers volunteer opportunities with direct beneficiary contact.

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