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The Lonely Planet Guide recommends the Xixuaú-Xiparinã reserve as one of the best tourist destinations in the Amazônia, it has excellent reviews on and is recognized by various tourism sites globally.


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Xixuau w map of BrazilLocated on an ecological reserve of 450,000 acres (2 1/2 times the size of Singapore) of virgin forest approximately 310 miles and 40 hours by boat north of the city of Manaus, Xixuau (pronounced "sheesh-shu-ah-u") is a naturalist's delight. It is a favorite destination for researchers, film-makers and eco-tourists from all over the world because of the abundance and visibility of fauna. Situated almost exactly on the equator, the seasons in the region are defined by high water during the months of March to September and low water from October to February. During the high-water season, the area is characterized by vast tracts of igapó (flooded forest), and the low water season presents immense, sandy beaches and extreme concentrations of aquatic life.

To get to to Xixuaú you will either take a river boat from Manaus along the spectacular Rio Negro and then up the Rio Jauaperi, or a 2 1/2 hour car ride from Manaus to the small port town of Novo Ayrão and then a speedboat to Xixuau.

When you arrive the community, you will stay in a wooden round house inspired by traditional indigenous Maloca. The facilities are rustic but clean and comfortable – for example, there is running water, showers and western style restrooms (aka "sit-down" toilets). During your stay you can take night time and day time excursions by canoe and explore the igapó and igarapé (labyrinthine creeks). You can trek in the forest, go fishing and camp overnight. The area is a paradise for unique tropical vegetation and animal kingdom aficionados. In this unexplored region you will come across different types of tropical birds - parrots, toucans, birds of prey; as well as animals - endangered giant river otter, grey and pink river dolphins, caiman, various kinds of monkey, jaguars, anteaters, armadillos, agoutis and more.

Xixuau Reserve is a protected forest reserve, recognized by the government and governed by the Amazonian Association (Associação Amazônia), created by locals. The association purchased rights to the land and allows the residents to live, hunt, fish, and conduct small scale farming there, as long as they protect the environment. Your visit will promote the sustainability, understanding and protection of the forest as well as make a vital difference to the quality of life for the local community.

  • Canoe, hike, fish and explore the pristine primary Amazon Rainforest with well-trained local guides (included in the price of the tour)
  • View incredibly diverse wildlife up close
  • Learn about and tour the community's progressive heath, educational and sustainable farming initiatives
  • Optional five day excursion to the Buritizal, situated north of the Xiparinã River.

Xixuaú can be visited year around using a public boat. Advance notice will allow the community to better coordinate your visit with that of other groups so that community can send its more comfortable private river boat.

Due to the remote location and time to reach the reserve, a minimum stay of 7 days is highly recommended if you arrive by river boat or 5 days by the car/speedboat option through Novo Ayrão. 

The price is USS$195/day For more details on the cost, please visit Trip Cost.