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Those that volunteer have a unique state of mind. They care about contributing to a better society, helping others less fortunate, and using their skills for the greater good. They selflessly invest their time and energy into a cause they believe in, and they thrive from the fact that they might be improving somebody’s life even the slightest.  

A volunteer’s spirit is one of hope, passion, and drive, no matter the age.  To many, volunteering seems to be for young people taking a year or two off from college, or earning their service hours for school requirements. Or it is for the recent college graduates, travelling the world before they decide to start families and develop their professional careers. Well, the reality is that the younger folks don’t possess any more dedication or desire to make an impact than you do. They simply have the flexibility. But what they don’t have is the knowledge and invaluable skills that can only cultivate from a life of professional and personal experience, and that is exactly what we value in each of our volunteers at the Community Empowerment Network.

CEN is an organization dedicated to empowering poor rural communities with the ability to rise above their economic challenges on their own terms. Our aim is to provide the tools and resources necessary to help individuals improve their skills and confidence in achieving their own objectives, and not simply handing them a solution with no explanation of lasting success. We have nearly 50 volunteers working towards this common goal. And the best part? Most of them don’t even stray from their home office.
CEN offers numerous volunteer opportunities ideal for those on a tight budget and simply cannot supply the funds to travel very far to volunteer. Or maybe you do not have the free time to devote to travelling abroad. We have a wide range of volunteers, many of them professionals and retirees with various backgrounds such as IT, government, and business. We work collaboratively as one team, but you are given the opportunity to directly utilize your existing skills for the mutual mission of improving the quality of life for individuals in poor communities around the world.  
For example, say you like to write. We care currently looking for a blogger to write for our blogsite, the Empowerblog,  to explore and offer your own personal insights on a wide variety of development issues related to our work. Or maybe you are in the advertising business. We are looking for an Online Marketing Specialist to generate interest in CEN’s community-based tours to the Brazilian Amazon. Do you love online marketing? Our Online Shop Manager will be responsible for maintaining our online shop,which consists of many different products such as handbags and sandals made by an artisan groupCouro Ecológicoin the Amazonian community of Maguary. Your responsibility would include keeping the online shop up to date, implementing and developing ways to increase traffic and sales, and coming up with new products.
Why should you volunteer?
Through our roles, you use what you know to become an active volunteer, and you learn a lot in the process. You will get to learn more about international development, micro-entrepreneurship, micro-finance, and much more, as well as build new skills while you are developing the ones you already have. Our positions are mostly expected to contribute about 10 hours a month with a minimum of 3 months commitment. Although deadlines are scheduled for certain tasks, these hours are flexible enough for you to work around your own life. Volunteers are happy with the schedule and the ease of working at home, and they know they are making a difference and contributing to a community's success. We have the privilege of bringing people from all different backgrounds, and with various skills, together to make one amazing team. 
Please visit our volunteer page to find out how you can channel your passion and what YOU can do with what you already know to help break the cycle of poverty.  Help empower those living in poverty to help themselves. 


Empower communities to help themselves by giving today!

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